The south shore business success discussion event was a huge success!


South Shore Collaborative’s free panel discussion featuring South Shore marquee businesses including Marylou’s Coffee, Montilio’s Bakery, Hynes Restaurant Group and George Washington Toma TV & Appliance was a huge success with almost 100 in attendance.

Thank You For All Who Attended!

The high profile panelists included Marylou Sandry (Marylou’s Coffee), George Montilio (Montilio’s Bakery), Kevin Hynes (Hynes Restaurant Group) and George Toma (George Washington Toma TV & Appliance). The panel presentation was moderated by William Brennan (Dean of the Academic Division of Professional Programs, Quincy College).

We learned a great deal about these successful entrepreneurs, their businesses, and their outlook on the future of business on the South Shore. The panel discussed the following topics:

Business Practices

  • What motivated you to start your own business?
  • Please talk about a turning point in your business, what did you do to turn it around?
  • What tip to give someone trying to start a new business?
  • What is something most people might not know about your business?
  • What do you consider the key factors that led to your business success?
  • Why do some businesses succeed and others fail?

Business Challenges

  • How are you dealing with change? What is your business doing to keep up with change?
  • Biggest challenge in year 1? Biggest challenge in year 10?
  • Where do you see your business in 5-10 years?
  • What are the biggest challenges that you face today?
  • What changes have you seen as a South Shore business owner over your career? What challenges do you see upcoming for entrepreneurs doing business on the South Shore?
  • What are the greatest challenges to your business resulting from local legislation? Minimum wage increase? Paid Family Medical Leave?


  • Why do some businesses succeed and others fail?


  • Where are you finding employees? How do you attract and retain employees?
  • What characteristics and qualities are you looking for in your employees?

Retail Industry

  • Where do you see retail going in the next five years? What is the future of retail?


  • How do you find new clients?
  • How has your marketing strategy changed in the past 5 years? Best marketing strategy?