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And this bookstore owner is the real master Or maybe he started with illegal loans At this time, the most unwelcome for them is us But when she saw the woman wearing a red dress, she looked Feng Fang, it is Quan Youdong s wife Xu Mena What s going on Zhao Yu was surprised, this is Qiu Minzhe s home, how could Xu Mena appear here Two officers In the absence of an umbrella to cover the rain, Xu Mina came to Zhao Yu and said coldly, No need to bother you Murderer, we have found it At this moment, the rain was still falling silently, covering Zhao Yu and others in the rain and fog.

Am I already Forgetting the name soon Noshouldn t Speaking of this, Matsumoto Within One Month Fat pills Weight Loss Aids Yua suddenly opened her eyes, as if an evil witch was about to exert her demon power, said to Zhao Yu and others, I will alwaysIt s never possible to forget this name, and never forget Ha ha ha ha ha ha After she finished talking, she laughed wildly and madly, and everyone laughed straight back, Goose bumps came up Sir At that moment, an agent who was searching the room stepped forward and reported the report, You Come and see this Then led Zhao Yu and others to the innermost bedroom He should have been surnamed Li, only because his parents divorced and followed his mother s surname So Zhao Yu said silently in his heart, this time, there will be no more accidents, no matter the details Fat pills Appetite Control of the crime, or the identity comparison, Xin Lang is the murderer of the murder diary case However, there are only two mysteries left, one Yes, who is the she who is nagging in Xin Lang s mouth And what did Xin Lang do after killing nobody What is the relationship between him and the illegal loan group However, for these questions, Without asking Zhao Yu, Xin Lang was already talking about it Did she really I have known for a long time Fat pills Appetite Control that someone will come to save myself However, after hearing Amerola say this, Zhao Yu had to roll up his sleeves and dismantle the stun gun installed on his right arm Someone stopped the car on the way, it turned out to be a car accident Yes, yes, Liu only said.

The most difficult thing in the detection of a crime is in the process of searching for the real culprit, but once the real culprit is locked, Zhao Yu shook his head and sighed, then the rest can be done much easier As a result, Zhao Yu clicked on his mobile phone again, and with the simultaneous playback, a new video appeared on the TV In addition, there is no audio in the 3d restoration images Perhaps, An Xianxiu does not want to see Quan Youdong {Best For Women} Fat pills Weight Loss Aids become the president, so Did Fat pills {Best Offer Deal} you murder him in advance And in our original plan, this person was also listed as {Top Weight Loss Pills} Fat pills Standard Ketogenic Diet (SKD) the goal of removal You can only go home late at night Miao Kun said angrily, If he gets the information, he must lose a lot of money And Miao Kun said nervously again, I m worried that he was caught by Agent Miff, then we re just getting a bamboo basket out of water You know Li Zhuzhu said dejectedly, Half Hours, a straight How far can a helicopter fly Although our country s area is not large, how easy is it to find such an aircraft Li Zhuzhu said this on his mouth, but he still ordered his men to take measures quickly.

I slept one night last night, and I slept another morning today Then Zhao Yu asked the administrator, Do you have their contact information I only have one, but no one has answered the phone, the administrator said, I have something to find them Li {Slimming Tablets} Fat burning Lose Weight Breastfeeding Plan Green Tea Extract Yiyan Of cars are still parked in the parking lotParking spaces are leased, she needs to pay the parking fee Ok In a word, Zhao Yu immediately drew attention, What are you talking about Do you mean, Li Yiyan there is a car Yes The fat administrator said, the white modern, the car is still new It seems I bought it for more than half a year, right There is a car Zhao Yu murmured, Since there is a car, why, the investigation records show that it was so late that night, she walked home is it Oh the fat administrator said, She usually doesn t drive a lot, only when she returns to her hometown to visit her parents on vacation, right The parking lot is underground, Ding Lan asked

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When he saw Zhao Yu, he quickly ushered in Brother in law, you have to spend so much effort to run back, just want to ask this woman for a question How, ask What is coming I may have gone the wrong way Zhao Yu said with a serious expression, I overlooked a question In desperation, Zhao Yu had to use the life detector to find the position of the enemy Before, our school has carried out several large scale activities, and Li Mingyuan has cooperated with us If the police investigates, he will definitely be found Although this supper is simple, it is the most comfortable meal for Zhao Yu after he came to Korea I always think that Lundi is nothing more than a chess piece Behind him, there may be a deeper control What we do can only be described by a conclusion What about Li Bencheng Although Zhao Yu already knew the result, he asked a question Someone must have come to pick him up However, the joy just passed by.

But, even if the black eye case is gone, there are still other cases, such as the ghost king case and the demon case I feel so, it should be done by the Education Committee As long as Quan Youdong makes a call, the murderer will be exposed Will the she that Xin Lang said in his mouth Within One Month Fat pills Weight Loss Aids also be gone Or Has been killed by him killed I really don t know, what s wrong with me, Xin Lang had a confused look in her eyes, 4 years later, she graduated from college, left, and left school And I I m stupid Using the savings I ve earned in the past four years, I set up a bookstore inside Heyang Teachers College and started to sell books and rent books {Healthy Weight Loss} Belly fat Weight Loss In 30 Days Before And After High Protein Ketogenic Diet You listen, must you find it ridiculous {Guarantee Weight Loss} Diet tips Not Losing Weight Eating Vegan Hot Deals Xin Lang smiled weirdly and ugly, She all graduated, but I went to the store where she went to school Li Yiyan works in the bank, Agent Liu reminded, Check Did the Jinxi Chamber of Commerce, or Quan Youdong, have saved money or invested in their bank Yes Detectives promised again.

Zhao Yu estimated that this Qu Xijun must have a big start, maybe, it {Best For Women} Fat pills Appetite Control had something to do with Qing Watai The most depressing thing is, Zhao Yu said again, You sir, also brought Simmona out and gave it to Chief Yusuf what When this remark came out, everyone was shocked So, for this child, Miao Kun also showed great care and has not returned to China Later, this case has never been cancelled But see beside the lamp on the bedside table, there is a book, an empty teacup, and a few small medicine bottles For students and teachers, it s really compliant A few days ago, there was a similar incident in the South, did you watch the news said Director Jiao.

Bought it If it is bought, President Qiu pointed to Captain Gu, I believe that Guangsou Team will definitely give us a satisfactory answer This matter, let the most professional people do it I will say it a second time now let go Oh Xu Mina was frightened and called out again, and then tremblingly took out her phone and called someone His associates were not at the scene, but at his house What After hearing this, everyone was shocked again, and Li Qin responded very quickly She jumped upstairs The place you see, she lives on the 5th floor and rents a house with her classmates That s the case Before Zhao Yu saw the girl jumped from the floor in pajamas, she had a hunch that the girl must jump suddenly from an unexpected situation This police officer, I would like to ask you something about Chairman Zhu The procedures for the car may Fat pills {Best Offer Deal} not be complete He deliberately crossed the seaside path, but Unexpectedly, two girls would suddenly emerge on the road At that time, I I Matsumoto Yusaki covered her heart and said with regret, Ah IfIf I persuade him to go then The police surrendered, maybe, maybe nothing happened Zhao Yu and Yangshan Masako looked at each other, and they felt the same, shocked and curious.

But when she said the name, Yangshan Yazi {Lose Weight Online} Fat pills Moderate Protein quickly shook her head at Fat pills {Prescription Weight Loss} Zhao Yu, which means that the name Matsumoto never appeared in the investigation of the case that year Through the camera, most people in the church saw this scene In just a few words, she had heard Zhao Yu s attempt Shengfan the surname is Gu, is it called Jusheng How come this name makes you hungry It s great, great Who knows, that Miss Yazi applauded, It s a great honor to be able to participate in the investigation with Detective Zhao Yu Detective Zhao, please advise Ya Zi bowed to Zhao Yu again But If it is sold on the black market, should it be of great value At this time, a black car suddenly drove outside the noodle shop, and the car was particularly high end at first sight.

For so many years, he has always been on the front line, fighting with those criminals Subdue opponents in the shortest time HmmI used to Miao Ying was not ashamed, I especially envy Ding Lan, you can enter {Slimming Vitamins} Fat pills Energy Pills the Secret Service Jin Shunxi invited me to join {Best For Women} Fat pills Weight Loss Aids their mutual aid meeting together, five or {Official} Diabetic diet Cycling To Lose Weight Quora Healthy Weight Loss six times before and after, to help them recover from trauma What s wrong with recovery This is the case, the agent explained Moreover, he feels the same as Fat pills Healthy Weight Loss Wu Xiumin

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However, before this, Zhao Yu was half a sentence It was not disclosed That s a very long story It s okay, Zhao Yu said calmly When there was silence, no one talked, no one called to play on the cell phone Yes, yes The foreigner was so frightened that he wiped his sweat and hurried across the corridor and {Slimming Tablets} Fat pills Net Carbs ran towards Zhao Yu However, except Zhu Xicheng s special hobby, everything is exactly the same as in the case record, and there is no discrepancy.

Hotel waiter There is a master key, but it is necessary to open the room After the visitor s permission, and the record of opening the door This kind of lock is difficult to pry open At this moment, the policemen behind the single sided glass were all surprised, especially Li Zhenzhu, she looked at Zhao Yu s eyes, already 180 Changes in degrees I want to tell you everything you want to know Amerola said, Next, it depends on what you do Good luck, Detective Zhao You are lying to me {Best Offer Deal} Fat pills Healthier Weight Loss Zhao Yu said, You want to provoke alienation How do you how could it be like this You forgot, have we fought side by side together I really want to save you Humph Amerola smiled faintly, believe it or not If you have patience, you can say aloud what I said to you you Zhao Yu glared and couldn t wait to slap him in the past Some of them require your signature Zhao Yu was stubborn, but had to leave Miss Miao in the room and go to the boat by herself The body is gone, there are no clues.

After the school opened, she was transported into the school and hidden in my bookstore With the door open, there will be some trainers who live in other teaching buildings and come back to me to borrow books So I said, Zhao Yu pointed to the bedroom Unexpectedly, the two were {Appetite Suppression} Meal plan Lose Weight By Walking 2 Miles A Day Hot Deals about to hang up the phone, and the office was suddenly busy At first, I didn t want to kill her, but she knew me and knew who I was I believe that with my reputation in the industry, the investigation authority will be handled immediately.

Also, what {Prescription Weight Loss} Fat pills Weight Loss Aids What Is Keto? does Guangsou Team do I got news from Park Xianhe, Li Zhuzhu said Because this woman is the only one of the six suspects who has not been comatose by sleeping pills It has been quiet for more than ten seconds He knew clearly that his relationship with Simmona was only for detectives and criminals It is estimated that Li Yiyan s conditions are difficult to afford.

Yes, it seems to be Sanli s homeland, Wang Shuai said, there is a terrible building It seems, Zhao Yu said, This group of people is still organized It really means that Cao Cao Cao Cao arrived, the crowd was looking for it, Wu Xiumin just opened the door of the meeting room, and said to Zhao Yu and others So you are all here and thought you were in the office Team leader, she hurried When Zhao Yu approached him, Huihui {Weight Loss Pills} Fat pills Appetite Control reported, I have figured it out That is, even if we find the murderer, this river and lake dispute will be the first They were the director of the office of Tianqin {Best Weight Loss} Fat pills Appetite Control Group and Guan Xiujie, part time yacht captain and the general manager Lei Dasheng I thought it was fun Unexpectedly, everything is under your control Alas If I could meet a detective like you four years ago, Zhang Menghai gave his thumbs up, Why have we people been wronged for four years Humph Han Aobing stood in front of Sun Jinjian and reprimanded, Sun Jinjian, as a company executive, how can you do such a utterly innocent and unreasonable thing What do you have to say now Yes, Xiaosun Lei Dasheng shook his head and sighed, Zhu Zhu is not thin for you, just to be a general manager, as for murder As for Ha Haha Suddenly, Sun Jinjian grinned and grinned up, What do you know Zhu Xicheng is not an individual at least, not a normal person You Guan Xiujie asked, You said so, What does it mean No matter what it is, you can t kill Oh, you said one by one easily, but do you really know how I got through that time Sun Jinjian swallowed and finally said The truth came out, Zhu Xicheng hasn t moved your wife, never wore you a green hat, of course you have spoken for him Ah {Official} Fat pills Buy 3 Get 2 Free everyone was shocked.

When I return to the Criminal Office to write a report, I have to highlight it a bit, ha Haha Don t don t Captain Zhang Ling was flattered and quickly pulled out his hand to fight Zhao Yu, Following you broke the ghost king case, I ve already raised my popularity to the {Top Weight Loss Pills} Fat loss Weight Losing Yoga Exercises Buy 3 Get 2 Free extreme What a credit this time, only But it s just a show of effort According to the development of the TV plot, often when we find important witnesses, the witnesses will have an accident It s better to be careful and hurry up How do I feel Miao Ying narrowed her eyes again I know that I have a big psychological problem Isn t it said the principal, pulling out his mobile phone 2 {Slimming Vitamins} Fat pills Within 4 Weeks Million chips, 20 million only 10 chips At first, he thought that he would be like God of Gamblers, and his stack of chips would block his face My Nima Fortunately, Lao Tzu is a billionaire who doesn t lose money, otherwise, he will be ashamed today Gambling is really harmful.

This mysterious murderer has long had the idea of killing because of psychological distortion or some kind of blow He just used Liu s only manuscript to complete his long cherished wish to kill So who is this person Four days later, the {Weight Loss Supplements} Fat pill Dietary Supplement Safety Weight Loss Supplement investigation is still no progress The reason for choosing caviar is that it has enough water and can effectively play the role of sleeping pills Sinceyour memory is so good, Zhao Yu asked again, Can you still remember what was wrong that night Is there something wrong Zhang Menghai recalled and said, The biggest mistake is definitely that Han Ao Bing We are an internal banquet, and she is an outsider Certainly speak something, it will be a bit restrained, because some things involve commercial secrets, they dare not talk nonsense Zhang Menghai pouted, Also, although the woman did not drink petr, but she ate a {Slimming Tablets} Lose weight fast Weight Loss Breakfast High Protein Appetite Suppressant few bites of caviar Zhao Yu rolled his eyes We Wait patiently, it is estimated that there will be a result soon Team Zhao, Mu Yongenhui on the {Slimming Tablets} Fat pills Moderate Protein other side reported, We have found a house under the name of Xin Lang Is Li Mingyuan active {Best For Men} Fastest way to lose weight Will I Lose Weight By Not Eating For A Day Weight Loss Supplement Well, President Yang, Zhao Yu said, Thank you for the clues we provided to us.

Oh Zhao Yu understood that the murder of the yacht was not established because the body was not found